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Recent Posts by Jacob Einhorn - Chief Technology Officer

Since co-founding Intrinsic Therapeutics and developing the company’s initial R&D capabilities, Jacob has played a leadership role in various parts of the organization including Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Clinical Research. After 8 years as Chief Operating Officer, in 2020 Jacob took on the customer-facing position of Chief Technology Officer overseeing Professional Education. Prior to joining Intrinsic in 2000, Jacob Einhorn was Director of Product Development for Nippon Stryker, the Japanese operating division of Stryker Corporation, a global medical device company focused on the orthopedic market, where Jacob was responsible for establishing Stryker’s first R&D presence in Asia. Jacob received a Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Anthropology from the Johns Hopkins University in 1992. Following several years of consumer products research and consumer advocacy in Washington, DC, he received a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1997. Jacob holds numerous patents in the field of orthopedics and is an active mentor of budding med-tech entrepreneurs.
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Spine Surgery Innovations: What You Need to Know About New Technology

Medical technology is forever evolving. Modern innovations and technological advancements are transforming the healthcare industry, introducing new, more effective ways of treating patients and performing procedures—and spine surgery is no ...
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