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Understanding the Types of Discectomy Surgery

For many years, discectomy surgery has remained the surgical gold standard for relieving chronic leg pain resulting from a herniated disc in the lumbar spine. In most cases, discectomy does exactly that; research shows that more than 80 per...
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How Likely is Reherniation After Lumbar Discectomy Surgery?

For decades, discectomy surgery has been the surgical gold standard for relieving leg pain caused by a lumbar disc herniation. The procedure itself proves very effective, generating an approximately 84 percent1 overall success rate. However...
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13 Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon Before a Herniated Disc Surgery

Spine surgery can be understandably anxiety-inducing, especially if you aren't sure what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Being fully informed can ease some of that anxiety and better prepare you for what lies ahead.
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How to Manage Leg Pain Leading Up to Your Discectomy

You’re considering a discectomy surgery to relieve symptoms of a herniated disc, and you’re that much closer to getting rid of your pain and back to your life. Now there’s only one task at hand: managing your leg (and potentially lower back...
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Discectomy 101: The Risks and Results to Understand Before Your Spine Surgery

You’ve been struggling with leg pain, and your doctor has found the culprit: a herniated disc in your low back. Perhaps you have tried exercises or other therapies to relieve your pain, only to be disappointed by lackluster results.
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