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Recent Posts by Mark Arts, MD, PhD

Dr. Mark Arts is a consultant neurosurgeon at the Haaglanden Medical Center in The Hague, The Netherlands, with a special interest in (complex) spinal surgery and clinical research. In 2010 he received his PhD with clinical research on minimally invasive herniated disc surgery. As such he was first author on the 2009 JAMA publication on Tubular Discectomy versus Conventional Microdiscectomy for Sciatica. In 2011 he joined a European, multicenter Barricaid® randomized controlled trial (RCT) as clinical investigator, becoming one of three study centers that provided a blinded patient arm to the RCT. Dr. Arts has since (co-)authored multiple abstracts and manuscripts on Barricaid annular closure, and serves as an educational consultant to Intrinsic Therapeutics.

Different Approaches to Lumbar Discectomy Surgery

Discectomy surgery has been considered the surgical gold standard for relieving sciatica symptoms resulting from a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, in cases when conservative treatment doesn’t work. Research reveals that 84 percent1 of ...
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When Should You See a Doctor for Sciatica Pain Relief?

One day, you’re a strong, active person in good shape and good health. Then, just like that, you’re completely down for the count due to disabling pain shooting from your lower back, down your leg, and into your ankle and foot. The ...
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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery?

Most patients experience lasting relief after undergoing a discectomy to reduce leg pain (sciatica) caused by a lumbar herniated disc. While some patients can achieve great results with conservative, nonsurgical treatments, for others a ...
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